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The lazy guide to keeping your apartment clean

Do you ever wish your apartment had a fairy godmother to help clean up once in a while? While we can’t promise a magic wand and “bippity boppity boo,” we have a few simple ideas for keeping things tidy. Doing little tasks to keep your apartment clean will help you feel better and avoid having to clean for five hours when your mom comes to visit. Read on for these lazy tips that will make you feel oh so productive:

Wipes > Spills

Nothing feels grosser than walking into someone’s bathroom or kitchen and seeing a thick layer of dust or food spills on the counter. Countertops are often the first things to get grimy and the easiest to clean. Keep a container of Clorox wipes close by and designate a day to wipe the counters down each week. Keeping them close also makes it easy to wipe up spills immediately.

Mini trash bins > Mini trash piles

Do you have used tissues and candy wrappers lying around? Ew. Invest in a few tiny trash bins for your bathroom and bedroom to prevent collections of trash from piling up. Don’t forget to use trash bags in each of these—you’re more likely to take out the trash regularly and prevent the trash bins from getting dirty.

Storage > Clutter

A little junk here and a little junk there isn’t so bad, right? Wrong. Keeping an apartment clean is impossible when there’s not a place for everything. Buy a few storage bins to keep loose items without a home. When there’s a spot for everything, it’s easier to do a quick cleanup before bed and avoid piling everything on your desk or the floor.

Clothes > Chemistry

Does doing six loads of laundry when you’re left with one clean t-shirt at the end of the month feel a little overwhelming? Try this: when you notice clothes piling up, start a load of laundry before you begin studying. The load will be done before you know it, and you’ll avoid running late while you search for that perfect pair of pants.

Space > Leftovers

There’s no excuse for realizing your lasagna from four weeks ago is still in the fridge, turning funky colors. Next time you put a Tupperware full of food in the fridge, take a look around to see if anything old could be thrown away. Not only does this keep your fridge smelling better, but also makes the rest of your food more visible so you don’t forget about it before it goes bad. And you won’t have to spend half an hour cleaning it out when there’s no more space left.

Dishes > Netflix

It’s tempting to leave your dirty plate in the sink and turn on your Netflix account after a long day of classes, but there’s a better way. Put those dishes in the dishwasher ASAP, or at least rinse them before putting them in the sink. Then you won’t be left with piles of dishes to load when all you need is a clean fork.

Floors > Facebook

Tempted to check your phone while you wait for your Hot Pocket to cook in the microwave? Instead, try grabbing the broom and sweeping the floor before your food is finished. Sweeping regularly when you have a few free minutes is a quick and easy way to keep the place clean.

Forget the magic wand, you can work wonders using a Clorox wipe here and a storage bin there. After a few weeks of using these tips, you’ll see why spending a couple minutes cleaning can save you lots of time later.

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