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Stay sane with these genius apartment organization tips

We’ve all been there before—it’s Monday morning, clothes are strewn out into the hallway, and you can’t find your other shoe. Your textbooks are also nowhere to be found, you need a pencil to take an exam this afternoon, and what’s that stench? Sound familiar? Your apartment may be in need of an organization detox. Don’t worry! It’s easier than you think. With just a few simple tricks, you can find a place for everything and still have time to enjoy your Pop Tart before class.

 Magazine holder

Magazine holders are one of the handiest organization gadgets out there! Put them on your desk or bookshelf to store notebooks, folders, and small textbooks. It makes things easy to find and keeps your important notes from getting lost. Buy a few extra folders to hold any random paperwork or bills that you want to hold onto.

Over the door organizer

These are not just for the bathroom. Hanging organizers can be useful to store an assortment of of goodies and can also be used in a bedroom. Use one to hold school supplies, shoes, or any random thing that doesn’t have its own spot in your room.

Under bed storage

One of the best ways to keep clutter out of sight and out of mind is to store things under your bed. Invest in a few bins that can slide underneath to store off-seasonal clothing, shoes, or extra toiletries.

Command hooks

These little babies are your best friend when it comes to hanging jackets, a calendar, jewelry, or shelves. Not only can they hold a lot of weight, but will also keep your landlord happy because they don’t require nails.


If your apartment doesn’t already come with a nightstand, you might want to pick one up. Nightstands with shelves or cupboards are perfect for storing personal items, books, journals, keepsakes, prescriptions, etc.

College is busy! You shouldn’t waste time trying to find things lost in a cluttered apartment. Take some time to organize; you’ll feel better…and your clothes will probably smell cleaner.

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