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Fitness Goals: 8 ways to get fit without a gym

Fitness Goals: 8 ways to get fit without a gym

Looking to get fit but dread using a workout machine or paying for a gym pass? Check out these fitness ideas to keep you healthy and motivated without competing for a treadmill at the gym.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Yoga can be both relaxing and strengthening. If you’re not feeling up to lifting weights or running your guts out, try looking up a yoga workout on YouTube. You can go at your own pace and in your own apartment. For a fun Saturday activity, invite some friends over and do yoga outside!


Nothing beats the view at the top of a mountain. If you like to explore the great outdoors, then this tip is for you! Hiking works your legs, booty, and abs. Just be sure to have a proper pair of shoes with a solid sole and ankle support and plenty of water.


Workout videos are another great way to mix up your fitness routine without going to the gym. You can order one from Amazon for just a few bucks, pop it into your TV or laptop, and get your heart pumping in no time. Some ideas include dancing, kickboxing, and Insanity videos.


A workout machine just isn’t the same as going outside and getting your fitness on. Go online and look up recommended running and biking trails in your city, join a running club, or find a lake to swim laps. Challenge yourself every day by setting new goals for time, distance, consistency, and speed.

Pinterest workouts

Pinterest is the bomb.com for finding yummy recipes and decorating tips, but it also has great workouts for men and women. You can search for a variety of workout types and difficulties. Try pinning one workout for each day of the week. Many of these workouts can be done at home. Then add a healthy eating board to find recipes and meal plans to accompany your fitness goals.


One, two, step. Dance is a fun way to burn calories and shake whatcha mama gave ya. Join a dance studio, watch YouTube videos, go to a dance party, or join a university dance club. You can get a killer ab workout while making friends and learning a few new moves to impress your boy/girlfriend when you take them dancing for date night.


Rollerblading is back in style. It’s a little more adventurous than straight running or walking. Grab some rollerblades and explore your city, ride to work, or take the dog for a run. If you’re feeling retro, then add a little neon to your fitness wardrobe and get ready to own the streets during this cardio workout.

If the gym is feeling like a drag, then try these tips to stay in shape without using a gym membership. Chances are you’ll stay motivated and find new, fun ways to get active.

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